Addiction had always been a part of April’s family life for as long as she could remember. Before she even could make a choice. How is this possible? Well, her sister was an addict, her mother was also an addict so it affected her in a big way. When her parents got divorced, it affected her in a big way, and she began to use drugs. Acid, alcohol, cannabis. When she was only 19 she gave birth to her daughter. She cites that love as the inspiration for her to get her life together. She got herself a job, bang planning of rat future and got herself a host boyfriend. However, her mother got in touch and asked to move in, her mother was also an addict as mentioned, and wanted to get away from her boyfriend who was lao an addict. She moved in and started to use drugs in the house, which didn’t seem abnormal to her because she had grown up with it. It wasn’t long before she started to take drugs in the house, have her boyfriend over and other actions that had clearly been expressed as not ok. Eventually the stress got to April and she began using again – snorting cocaine regularly.

When her daughter was five years old, April got together with a junkie who introduced her to methadone. With things getting out of hand, April sent her daughter to live with her father. April got worse and began taking heroin and crack. April had another child, who eventually had to go and live with his father too. That was the last straw for April. She went to a therapyst who told her she must get off the drugs if she wants to get better. She was finally ready for recovery. Her Family and kids were extra motivation , she embraced the treatment and therapies, as well as the education offered.

She got so much out of her recovery programme, getting in a healthy routine and lifestyle. Following her treatment she joined local Narcotics Anonymous groups and set herself up to not relapse. She got her kids back, and her family is healing, making up for lost time and loving one another. She feels so lucky to have been able to get her support system and life back on track.

Well done April!