Elton John has often spoke about his personal battles with addiction and rehab process. As one of the most prominent stars over the last forty years he is not you average person, but even so he shares many insights into how he has come to terms with and addressed his addictions.

Here’s what he said in 2012 about the terrible curse of addiction and ‘How I needed Help”.

My life since 1990 and it’ll be 22 years next week that I got sober and clean and I’ve dealt with grief.

I’ve dealt with disaster I dealt with great things happening and I’ve been able to do it I found a partner of 19 years, I have a son I have a career I have wonderful friends.  I’m the luckiest first in the world and it’s all because one young boy and his family showed me what they were doing was right and what I was doing was disgusting

 It’s all about change I’m sitting here now and I have a number one album in Britain which I haven’t had for 20 years you think I’d still have that if I was doing drugs and I thought I wouldn’t be here I’d be dead and I am content I’m I have nothing to complain about I have had my Redemption I can be proud of myself now and God knows I wasn’t in the past and that’s the terrible thing about addiction.

Addiction just grips you unless you have you know three think three words changed my life –  ‘I need help’ and I couldn’t say those words for 16 years because I thought it was a sign of weakness. I thought I was clever enough to do it all on my own and there are some things in life you cannot do on your own and I’ve understood it’s much better to share and to reach out. I learned that lesson and you know I wish I’d have had the ability to be a bit more humble earlier on and have a bit more humility, but I’m afraid that’s what addiction is. It doesn’t even register in that way you think you know everything.



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