The British actor, comedian, activist and author, Russell Brand speaks on is 10+ years of drug abuse as well as addiction, during the beginning of the 90’s to the 2000s. Russell said that at terrible times that “he was a nightmare to be around.”

Brand was asked about the ‘worst thing he did to feed his addiction’ by The Guardian. “Took me Nan’s pension,” Brand said. “That’s quite bad, isn’t it?” he also made us know that his 10+ years of addiction was his way of using “exterior means” to solve “internal problems,” originating from actual happenings at earlier stages of his life. The problem isn’t “drug and alcohol,” Brand says. “Drug and alcohol are the remedies to reality, which is my problem”. Brand has abstained from these substances for about 11 years, he’s 39 now, but he also made it known that there was always this feeling of falling back to those substances. He says that he lives his life one step at a time, constantly fighting the urge to fall back on alcohol and drugs. In a guest section in The Guardian, Brand said plainly “I last thought about heroin yesterday.” He said that he had a flash of drugs when receiving some bad news. “There is no way I can correctly tell you the effects of heroin in calming down pain. It converts a firm, white fist to a calm, brown wave.”

Russell Edward Brand, who was born in the Essex community; a friendly town England, in on the northern banks of River Thames, about 20 miles east of London. His father, Ronald Brand (photography), and his mother, Barbara Nichols, and he was the only child of his parents.

Brand’s childhood was described to be not very happy – when he was 6 months old, his parents divorced and he was brought up by his mother. When he was 7, he was abused sexually by a teacher, and then his mother became sick with cancer when he was 8 years old and was later sent to stay with his extended family. Brand said he was lonely and was “thankful for anything that could make him feel better” like foods, chocolate and mannerly fetishes.

When he was 14 years old, he had bulimia nervosa – a serious eating disorder marked by binging, followed by methods of avoiding weight gain. Brand made up his mind to go out on his own when he was 16, due to arguments with his still-sick mother’s live-in partner. He already loved performing and the “taste of fame” he said while laughing, and then he was admitted to a theatre and art school using a scholarship from the Essex County Council.

However, when he found himself outside home, he began to experiment with LSD, amphetamines, marijuana and ecstasy – then he was expelled from school, unsurprisingly, for poor attendance and use of illegal drugs.

As time went on, Brand worked to set himself up as an actor, comedian and entertainer. Before the very end, became what he described as a ‘full-blown junkie’ – he said he didn’t have any issue calling himself this.

In 2000, he’s career gained attention while performing in a stand-up on British comedy competition TV program. The gain a lot from this experience such as a new agent and new opportunities including; radio appearances and, comedy performances, a task as a mobile reporter for MTV, however, he was still very deep in his drug use – at this point heroin, alcohol and sex addiction.

In 2002, he was when he was finally able to enrol in an abstinence-based recovery program, after it became clear that his career and even his life were at risk. He was seen in a toilet at an office Christmas party taking heroin by his agent. His agent then enrolled him in a rehabilitation program for 12 weeks, and Brand has abstained from drugs ever since then. Brand has set up himself as a comedy risk-taker and it hasn’t changed since then. He has been put-off by nothing in his social analysis comedy method, even his drug, sex and alcohol addiction. Theatres and concert halls are filled with audiences to listen to his outstanding and funny routines.