Peter and Bella had a great relationship, until alcohol became a problem.


Things weren’t easy for me right from the very beginning. My husband Peter had a quiet and reserved personality and whenever he had a bad day, it got worse. I used to be clueless about what’s wrong with him. On such days, he’d come home drunk and also did self-medication. Since he was a low-key sort of a guy who always kept to himself, I and kids always felt lonely and left out. I had a feeling that Peter was sick but he was still trying to pull through. I knew he’s trying his best and we hadn’t reached a crisis point…as yet. It was like I had buried my head in the sand in the hope that things would change for the better at some point.

I couldn’t believe that Peter was an alcoholic. He just didn’t fit that profile. But, it was a fact that he was and I didn’t want to stay with an alcoholic.
Back then, Peter was depressed because he was not happy with his job. That’s what forced him to drink. From occasional drinks, he went on to become an addict to alcohol. One day, Peter even denied life insurance as noted by his doctor because his blood work confirmed that he was a heavy drinker.

I later learned that his doctor has been trying to address Peter’s alcoholism for years. Before his annuals, I reckon now, he would stay away from alcohol. But I didn’t suspect anything. I couldn’t even think that my husband would be an alcoholic.

Another clue I got about his alcoholism was when we went on road trips. Peter would buy a six-pack and pour it into a big plastic glass before getting on the driving seat. I couldn’t protest much despite disliking it because of the kids.

One Friday afternoon, he came home heavily drunk. He couldn’t stand on his feet I wonder how did he drove home in such condition. We had plans to go out that night but he was simply not in his senses. I and my sons were, naturally, very upset. Peter was totally despondent.

The next day, I told Peter that he had to do something about it or move out as this wasn’t working for anyone. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to speak up and take a stand no matter if things took a turn for the worse.



While Peter was having breakfast with the boys that morning, I told them about his alcoholism and that he needed help. I asked him to choose between his family and alcohol. We all had tears in our eyes. I was prepared for the worse but thankfully, he chose us.

Peter wanted to recover too and willing agreed for treatment. It was a completely new experience for him. He got enrolled with a rehab program and counseling. Gradually, we noticed that he was getting sober and physically active. He also got a grip on his emotional self and he was not strong enough to resist the urge to drink.

Our life was getting back on the track. Peter unexpectedly got a better job offer. He was in a happy phase and was even planning for the future.. our future.
Our love/sex life has improved now and there aren’t any secrets between us anymore. He’s with us both physically and emotionally. Our bond is stronger than ever. Our family has again become a unit. It’s been over four years now that Peter hasn’t touched alcohol.

I hope he stays clean and sober for the rest of our lives. I now see a future with him too, which I doubted back then.


Peter and Bella’s names have been changed.